The Customer Cultivator: Crafting Your Best Customer by Chris Bintliff

The Customer Cultivator: Crafting Your Best Customer

Clear concepts and actionable, practical tactics to transforming your marketing and sales through knowing and nurturing your best, most profitable and loyal customers.

What if you could create your best customer before they even bought something?

Have you worked hard to identify your “ideal customer”, then realized that actually finding them seems nearly impossible? Are you losing deals even when your price was lower than the other guy’s? Or maybe you’re winning business but finding you’re working really, really hard for high-maintenance customers that aren’t actually helping you make much money.

I get it. Hey, I run a business myself. When focused on generating leads, filling the sales funnel and trying to win business our objective quickly becomes simply getting customers instead of nurturing the best customers. It would be amazing to have a systematic approach to understanding what makes our prospects tick beyond the basic sales essentials. An approach to help us easily personalize our response to their needs. Something to help us quickly determine what kind of customer a prospect is likely to become - the kind that’s chasing savings and convenience or the type that’s looking for an unparalleled experience. We need proven strategies to help us develop precise marketing and sales techniques that attract the right prospects and cultivate them into our best customers.

It’s here. A personalized sales and marketing approach that doesn’t just help you define an ideal customer but empowers you to develop strategies, tactics and habits to actually create your ideal customer.

Through nearly two hours of how-to, why-to, when-to and what-to videos you’ll learn critical concepts and specific tactics to easily and quickly identify your most loyal and profitable potential customers based on a mix of their behaviors and the ways you’re communicating with them. Interactive analysis and worksheets will help you build a bridge between your ideal customers and your marketing and sales approach. Then all you have to do is start practicing the strategies you’ll learn. 

Go at your own pace, skip the lessons that don't apply to you and come back to the most essential to your business. Nothing confusing or overwhelming. No stale repeats of the stuff you’ve already learned. Simple, easy and elegant ways to rethink your approach and deliver on new and powerful ways to connect to your audience, prospects and customers.

Here’s the transformational experience you’ll be diving into with the Customer Cultivator:

  • Discover what motivates the three Customer Types that describe every. single. prospect. When you know what they’re looking for you can more easily make an impact.
  • Learn how and why the Aspirational Customer has your highest potential for profit and loyalty and what you must deliver to cultivate this potential.
  • Explore how understanding six distinct Stakeholder Roles helps illuminate exactly what buyers are looking for in sales and marketing materials. Learn how these Roles can be held by different individuals, but also how every buyer moves between roles from one moment to the next. When you know what each Role is looking for, you can accurately respond.
  • Know how your buyer’s Knowledge Phase impacts what, how and why they research. Understanding these behaviors helps you develop powerful, compelling messaging.
  • Learn how to command the buying journey, rather than merely react to it. Instead of just showing up at the right place at the right time for your customers, make yourself an indispensable part of how they understand or solve their problem.
  • Learn the critical function of delight and how it’s a shortcut to customer loyalty. Adopt easy zero or low-cost ways to delight your prospects and they’ll become loyal to you before they even make a purchase.
  • Review Real World Rocket Science: walk-throughs, case studies and real-life examples that show you, in detail, the impact of customer cultivation. Learn how other companies are delivering delight, and I’ll show you my personal tactics and approach to customer cultivation that I use every day to grow my business.
  • Engage with fun interactive worksheets that help you uncover your opportunities and follow up with personalized email coaching from me.

Plus, you'll get a whole pile of impact-this-minute tactics like how to create content on LinkedIn that creates value for your prospects, secrets to better cold and prospecting emails, and how using your smartphone to send a personalized video (instead of another boring email) can delight and ignite your potential customers.


Engaging Chris Bintliff's Customer Cultivator strategies has been, quite simply, the single best investment I've made since starting my business.

Sara, Retail Store Owner
The Customer Cultivator philosophies and practices Chris demonstrates have helped us understand how we can be so much better in the work we do and the way we bring ourselves to the marketplace, knowing our true value proposition and uniqueness. We didn’t have that before this and we are so excited to be on the road we’re on now.
Chris, Consultancy Executive
The Customer Cultivator course helped us highlight the strengths of our business while understanding how we could be better. We’ve transformed everything from our social media strategies to adopting and delivering video marketing as a result, and our audience has responded! 
Heather, Clinical Services Business Owner

The Customer Cultivator works whether you’re in marketing or sales in an organization or doing it all yourself as a consultant or solopreneur.

The methodologies are proven over years of practice, innovation and refinement. The philosophies are practiced by some of the best, most admired companies in the world. And the practices are easy to understand and coachable to others. Start cultivating the kinds of customers you’re excited about work with and developing better habits to engage them.

What's included?

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Getting Started
START HERE: Focus your learning, attention, and time with a baseline assessment
Calibrating the "Customer"
6 mins
Understanding Customer Types: Being Intentional About Your Business
Knowing Your Customer Types
7 mins
A Brand Study to Understand Customer Types
8 mins
Marketing to Each Customer Type and Cultivating the Aspirational Customer
7 mins
Are You a Carpenter or a Craftsperson?
3 mins
Real World Rocket Science: Closing A High 6-Figure Deal Using Aspirational Behaviors
11 mins
The Aspirational Customer Doesn't = High Prices!
3 mins
But If You DO Charge High Prices, Here's Some Advice...
7 mins
If You Sell One-Offs and Repeat Business Isn't Critical...
3 mins
Real World Rocket Science: The Quick Win vs The Right Win
9 mins
Knowing and Responding to the Stakeholder Roles of Your Customers
Understanding the Role Your Customer is Playing
15 mins
One Person, Many Roles: Demonstrating Stakeholder Roles In Real-Time
10 mins
Real World Rocket Science: A Case Study in Accommodating Different Stakeholder Roles
5 mins
Responding to Your Customer's Knowledge Phase
Introducing the Knowledge Phase to DefineThe Right Marketing Approach
7 mins
Buying Behaviors of Different Knowledge Phases in Real-Time
10 mins
How-to: Tactics, Practices, Tips & Techniques
Creating Delight: Delivering the Unexpected
5 mins
Creating Delight: Beyond Minimum Expectations
4 mins
10 Ideas for Delivering Delight from Not Really Rocket Science.pdf
500 KB
Why You Should Be Publishing Articles on LinkedIn
4 mins
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing Articles on LinkedIn
13 mins
5 Tips for Better Cold and Prospecting Emails
5 mins
Delivering Delight: Using video for better one-to-one communications
3 mins
Interactive Coaching
Your personalized feedback workshop (Don't skip this!)
2 mins
Where to Go From Here
The Important Next Steps