How to Create Awesome Personalized Video With Your Smartphone by Chris Bintliff

How to Create Awesome Personalized Video With Your Smartphone

A step-by-step guide to using the powerhouse video camera in your pocket to create, edit, and share professional quality personalized videos to share with your prospects, customers and audience.

Reality check: Your prospects, customer and audience are bored with you.

Okay, okay - maybe they’re not bored with you. But they’re bored with your emails. And if they’re bored with your emails you can be sure that they’re bored with your competitor’s emails too - which means you have a chance to stand out. How? By sending personalized videos instead of another boring email.

In fact just using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by nearly 20% and click-through rates by 65%. Nearly 60% of executives will choose video over text if given the choice of what content to engage with. Odds are you would rather watch a video, if you’re like the average web visitor who spends 88% more time on a website with video. 92% of mobile video gets shared with others. (Here's a link from Wordstream with the source of all those stats.) 

So why the hell aren’t you publishing more video?

Why aren’t you sending your prospects a thank-you video instead of an email? Why aren’t you sharing news with your favorite customer with a video instead of a bunch of words in a newsletter?

I’ll tell you why - you think shooting great video is complicated and that it probably involves cameras and fancy lights and editing and saying exactly the right words into big expensive microphones. The hassle factor seems pretty high. It would be pretty great to have a full video production facility following you around all the time, wouldn’t it? Sophisticated technology to make it all super easy.

Hey guess what - you do. It’s in your pocket.

Your smartphone is an amazing video camera. It shoots crisp, clean, clear video. It has crazy sophisticated focusing abilities. It handles light - even low light - really well. It even lets you do easy editing of your videos and allows you to share with others with a few taps. 

But hey, that’s cool but it feels complicated. You don’t have time to sort through how-to blogs or trial-and-error your way through figuring it all out and you definitely don’t have hours to spend trying master this stuff. But yeah, you see the value - it would be great to have a solution that quickly taught you the essentials so you could put this stuff to work for you right now. Like, this afternoon.

It’s here. A fun, easy to understand, designed for non-experts course that quickly demonstrates every important idea, concept, tip and trick to shooting professional quality video with your smartphone, edit it to your liking and share it with your audience. All in around half an hour.

Through 10 short videos of how-to, why-to, when-to and what-to videos you’ll learn exactly how to transform the glass brick you carry around into a videography powerhouse.

Here’s the transformational experience you’ll be diving into with this How To Shoot Awesome Video With Your Smartphone course.

  • Lessons that apply to any smartphone. While I teach you with an iPhone, the concepts and even basic buttons to tap will be familiar on Android too.
  • Prepare for success with some often-overlooked but crucial basics like how to take a few seconds to prepare your device, how to position your device, and how to think about lighting. Nail these and your videos will scream pro-quality.
  • Understand how to compose a great shot, including where to position yourself in the frame and where to focus your attention for the best audience engagement. This stuff is the difference between shaky amateurish junk and delivered-like-a-seasoned-pro quality.
  • Look over my shoulder and “through” my device as I record almost this entire course on my smartphone. I show you the buttons to tap, when, and why.
  • Explore how to think about sound recording and if advancing to some higher quality microphone solutions is the right idea for you.
  • Edit your videos easily and quickly with a few taps and swipes.
  • Upload and share your video to YouTube, learning the important concepts for basically any social media - or share directly in a message or email.
  • A super cool bonus Graduation Challenge - send me your first video shot using your new skills and I'll send you a personalized video back with some coaching, insights or advice to help you do ever more, faster, better.


I consider myself pretty video and tech savvy already, but Chris Bintliff's Awesome Personalized Video Course helped me better understand the perspective of the people watching my videos so I could better deliver my self-filmed content. In fact, using the lessons from this course I ran an outreach campaign for warm leads using video instead of just text, and engagement was significantly higher. It's a fun, unique course free from cliche that will make anyone able to deliver impactful self-filmed videos.
Kevin, Sr. Sales Consultant, Workplace Improvement Company

This course is essential training to do more with the technology you you already use every day to connect more deeply and make a greater impact with your prospects and audience.

Apply these lessons for instant gratification and immediate impact - in fact, after taking this course I challenge you apply what you’ve learned to record and share a personalized video with a prospect or customer the same day. You’re likely to hear the positive feedback almost immediately.

Whether you’re a sales pro, marketing pro, consultant or solopreneur, mastering how to use your smartphone to shoot and share compelling video is critical to your future success. This is skills training that can literally change your business outcomes immediately - let’s get you started making a stronger impact with your customers by creating awesome videos on your smartphone.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos Text Icon 1 text file


3 mins
Getting to Know Your Device
4 mins
Preparing to Shoot with 3 Quick Rules
4 mins
Composing Your Shot
5 mins
Stabilizing Your Shot
3 mins
Shooting Your Video!
2 mins
A Quick Conversation About Sound
2 mins
Editing Your Video With A Few Taps & Swipes
5 mins
Sharing Your Video, Including to YouTube
8 mins
Wrapping Up
1 min
Graduation Challenge! Send Me Your Video & Get My Coaching!