Launching a Lead Generation Machine: Learn Leadpages by Chris Bintliff

Launching a Lead Generation Machine: Learn Leadpages

The essential practical, tactical how-to workshop quickly turn your website into a lead capturing engine for business transformation with the Leadpages platform

Most websites are informative. Yours needs to be transformative.

It's a problem that plagues many small and medium-sized businesses: a big, pretty, expensive website that basically just shares some facts. Hey, look at our team. Here's our amazing building. Read about our important and interesting philosophies.

Guess what. Nobody cares about your team or building or philosophies.

Not yet anyway. Maybe you can help them care, but those things almost always don't align with what your visitors need from your website, not at first. The thing is, your visitors are on your website for a reason. They're on a mission to understand a problem or solve a problem. And they need you to either help them quickly accomplish that mission or get out of the way so they can figure it out without you.

You'd be smart to not let them go it alone. So teach them something instead. Deliver value.

Your website should be <i>working</i> for you.

Nurturing prospects. Building relationships. Converting leads. Every day, every hour, never tired or on vacation. One of your top marketing or sales pro's.

To do that your website needs fuel - something we call lead magnets to attract a visitor into becoming a prospect. Compelling offers that they'll want to get in exchange for their email address.

So you can, y'know, market to them. Get to know them better. Maybe turn them into a customer.

Lead magnets are the fuel.</br>Leadpages is the engine.

Leadpages is a powerful online platform built with one purpose in mind - to help you create high performance web experiences to engage your audience and convert them into prospects and customers.

Leadpages offers everything you need to quickly get off the ground. Beautiful templates, design flexibility, seamless integrations.

I'm going to teach you everything you need to know and do to start capturing leads with your website right now.

We start with a little bit of strategic perspective. How to think about lead magnets as part of your digital marketing. What your lead magnets should be. How you might deliver them.

And then we get going as you look over my shoulder and we built a Leadpage from scratch.
  • Master the interface
  • Edit the templates
  • Extend and create your own unique designs
  • Deliver your lead magnet
  • Connect with powerful integrations
  • Built on-brand with advanced design techniques
  • <nerdalert> Go under the hood with CSS customization to build something truly unique</nerdalert>
  • Analytics, SEO, Facebook, Google - yup.
  • Publish your Leadpage, integrate to your Wordpress site or share the HTML with others or for deployment on your domain
  • Use your new skills to build Leadboxes

Seriously, check out how comprehensive and complete this training is:

What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos


Quick Strategies: The Foundations of Lead Attraction
lesson2 - what to choose.mp4
8 mins
4 mins
the job of your website.mp4
10 mins
Getting to Know Leadpages
Choosing a Purpose, Selecting a Template
4 mins
Getting to Know the Design Tools
10 mins
Exploring the Analytics Tools
1 min
Overview of the Lead Capture (Leadbox)
3 mins
Quick Look at Device Specific Display Settings
1 min
Wrapping Up the Introduction
2 mins
Customizing the Leadpage 🎨
Customization: Making the Template Your Own
14 mins
Editing & Styling Text
4 mins
Designing the Leadbox
3 mins
Extending Your Design 🖌
Adding New Design Elements
18 mins
Creating Device-Specific Content
4 mins
Adding Google Info and a Favicon
3 mins
SEO Optimization and Facebook Sharing
2 mins
Preparing and Delivery the Lead Magnet ⚡️
Integrating & Delivering Your Lead Magnet
8 mins
Advanced Styling to Be On-Brand 👾
Advanced Styling with SVG, HTML & CSS
8 mins
Creating an Animated SVG
3 mins
Creating Integrations - Quick Intro to Drip ⚙️
Briefly Introducing Drip Marketing Automation
6 mins
Publishing and Sharing Your Leadpage 🚀
video1 wordpress.mp4
5 mins
video 2 sharing leadpages.mp4
2 mins
Reporting & Analytics 👩🏽‍💻
Reviewing Analytics & Reports
2 mins
Designing & Publishing Pop-Up Form Leadboxes 🛠
Designing the Leadbox
7 mins
Publishing the Leadbox
8 mins

Hang on, you're still reading? You could've collected your first lead by now.

This is the easiest, smartest first step you can take to empower yourself and your website to start making business impact. Click the button above and let's start capturing leads on your website right now.