The Automator's Engine Smart Bundle by Chris Bintliff

The Automator's Engine Smart Bundle

Everything you need to start building an automation powerhouse and take your business and automation skills to eleven.

What's included?

Automating Your Marketing Funnel for FREE with Zapier

Craft an automated marketing funnel that captures leads, sends them to somebody on your team, and creates a new folder on your drive to start working together - all for free. Learn the essentials of Zapier, a powerful automation tool that connects tools you’re probably already using to save you time, money, and effort with your usual processes.

Learn Drip Quick!

This course helps you quickly start using Drip email and marketing automation to immediately build business impact , with business essentials to create powerful reactive workflows, develop ongoing nurturing campaigns, and integrate with other digital tools. This course is designed to let you skip dozens of hours chasing advice, tips, and how-to solutions all over the internet as I teach you exactly what you need to build the workflows, automations and basic understanding to make Drip a powerful part of your marketing stack.  Drip is a powerful automation platform that can dramatically change how you engage with customers, build relationships, develop sales opportunities and leverage other tools you're probably using like Calendly or Shopify. It can also feel complicated, difficult, and time consuming to understand and use - even though it's one of the most intuitive and simple marketing automation platforms out there! You're getting the course early while it's in development, and there's a lot to come. Here's a bit of what's in store, all designed to help you quickly get Drip working for you: Setting up your first Form Getting to know Subscribers Advanced Form creation with Gravity Forms Crafting your first workflow Learning to progressively profile with trigger links Building a Campaign Importing lists/subscribers from other email service providers Conducting a bulk operation to engage just a select audience (think segmentation!) Understanding and creating templates Super ridiculous bonus stuff like plugging in powerful integrations with tools like Zapier and Calendly More super ridiculous bonus stuff like THE HTML FILE FOR MY TEMPLATE - just plug and play, I'll teach you how to swap in your images and content, and you don't need to know a thing about code to make this happen. A huge 177 page PDF guide in case that's more your thing! And EVERY WORKFLOW I DISCUSS AND TEACH. You'll just hit a link and boom - all my finished workflows are ready for you to import into your own Drip account. The price on this is $147. That's ridiculous. If you value your time at all you're going to spend at least 12 hours sorting through help documents, blog posts, random web searches, gnashing your teeth and pulling your hair out to get a third of the way to where you could be. Just let me walk you right through it. This is the easiest investment in growing your modern marketing engine you'll make. I'll email you every time a new addition is made to the course! Official launch is coming in April 2018.

The Automated Consultant: Crafting a High Performance Onboarding Engine with Zapier 🚀

Save time, work smarter, make more money and deliver delight by learning to automate your customer on-boarding process with Zapier. You'll learn how to integrate and automate powerful online tools and develop essential new skills for creating a productivity engine for your consultancy.